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The position must not have any open requisitions, and the tenant must have the Enable Job Requisitions flag set to true. Creates/opens a position for a supervisory organization using the position management staffing model. There are several sub-operations within this operation.

Existing positions cannot be re-loaded into the system.

This is the submit request for asset in service date updates.

Assigns roles to assignees and uses the Assign Roles business process. If you specify a worker as the event target or an assignee to add and the worker has multiple positions as of the role assignment effective date, the international assignment (IA) position will take precedence over the worker's primary position.

In the UI, the equivalent task is executed via related action off the custom organization: Reorganization Assigns company, cost center, region, fund, grant, business unit, program, and custom organizations configured for staffing usage to a staffing position.

Uses the Change Organization Assignments for Worker business process.

Specifying a worker with multiple positions as an assignee to remove will remove all the positions for that worker for that role assignment.

This service operation initiates the "Change Benefits for Life Event" business process allowing changes to benefit elections for an employee.

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Award Contract Line Data includes ID, Line Number, Revenue Category, Line Type, Line Description, Deferred Revenue Flag, Primary Grant Flag, Grant, Line Amount, Rate Agreement, Cost Rate Type, Exception, Revenue Allocation Profile, Basis Limit Data, Start and End Dates, Description, Line Invoice Memo Override, Default Worktags, Supplier, Line Billing Notes, and Revenue Recognition Line Notes.

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