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The museum is happy to provide copies of photographs for both commercial and non-commercial use. The Shore Line Trolley Museum’s vehicle collection is diverse both in terms of geographic reach and chronological spread.

Included in the collection are some of America’s oldest single-truck cars, many examples of wooden and steel streetcars from the Golden Era of street railways, and several modern and representatives from the high-speed and streamlined era. This 1911-built wooden trolley is unusual in having a concrete floor and straight-line seating.

During summer months it received regular heavy loads of visitors.

Originally built as a single-ended car, 2001 and its sisters were modified as double-enders in 1933 to operate on lines which did not have a loop at each end.The Montreal system survived beyond many American city systems, lasting until 1959.2001 was one of several cars which arrived at the museum from Montreal in the early 1960s, and returned to museum operation late in 2015 after hurricane flood and mechanical damage was repaired. in 1926 and operated on the streets of Atlanta until 1948.The most modern car in our regular fleet, car 629 was home-built by the Third Avenue Railway from pieces of older cars in 1939.It ran in Manhattan and the Bronx, before being sold for post-WWII operation in Vienna, Austria as part of the Marshall Plan.

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Thanks in part to recent grant funding, 865 has been undergoing a comprehensive restoration – including those unique luggage racks – for almost 15 years, and in 2016 will begin carrying passengers down our trolley line, for the first time since 1947!

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