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"I will give it to him/her." Genitive pronouns follow the word they modify. "My house." The inclusive dual pronoun kata/kita has largely disappeared in Manila though it may be used in other Tagalog dialects, particularly those spoken in the rural areas.

Oblique pronouns can take the place of the genitive pronoun but they precede the word they modify. However kita is used to replace the pronoun sequence [verb] ko ikaw, (I [verb] you).

Its other conjugations are susulat (su~sulat) and sumusulat (s⟨um⟩u~sulat).

The common ergative marker is spelled ng but pronounced Ibibigay ko sa kaniyá.

They can be used with, or in lieu of, the po/ho iterations without losing any degree of politeness, formality or respect: Example: English: "What's your name? In the chart, CV~ stands for the reduplicated first syllable of a rootword, which is usually the first consonant and the first vowel of the word. " Nasaán means where but is used to inquire about the location of an object and not used with verbs.

N stands for a nasal consonant which assimilates to ng, n, or m depending on the consonant following it.

-an is used for items undergoing a surface change (e.g., cleaning); hugasan (to rinse something), walisán (to sweep something off).

Binilí ng lalaki ang saging sa tindahan para sa unggóy.

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