Rules of the dating game show

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4th player gets to ask 3 questions, and each of the others answers it.

, the British public has fallen in love with a genre that mixes the suspense of "Will they, won't they?

"The spectre of loomed so large that people felt dating didn't work any more," she recalls.

"I originally got away with it because it was seen as cooking with dating." Four series in and regularly pulling in 1.5 million viewers, Collinson-Jones says the show has "totally different rules of engagement", compared with a studio show.

Initially trialled online, the show reveals more of the dates and what the couple got up to afterwards.

It was brought to ITV2 to help pair the slightly more adult content (a bit of drunken kissing) with a younger audience. With barely an episode passing without contestants humping or having an argument, viewers are treated to the ultimate guilty pleasure of today's dating shows.

Lamb believes the programme reflects the modern dating scene and is a necessary update to the studio dating show.

She says: "Nowadays, dating is all done more quickly and the turnaround of making decisions on is something that I'm very proud of.

When Claire Collinson-Jones pitched the format in 2009, dating shows were scarce on the ground. One player leaves the stage, and the audience provides endowments for the 3 others. After the questions player 4 should guess what the endowments were.Across the Atlantic and in continental Europe, local MTV channels have aired the UK version; and talks are under way to sell the format so that it can be remade overseas.Lisa Chapman, MD of Whizz Kid Entertainment and Executive Producer of first started, it had to be so different.

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