Importance of updating and writing new job descriptions

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Importance of updating and writing new job descriptions

Just to try to keep as close to 2 pages as you can.Microsoft Word is the most widely used and liked format for CVs across the UK, so always send your CV in Word if you want to ensure it gets opened.At Stand Out CV we use fonts like Arial, Tahoma and Calibri in our customer CVs.Avoid using overly complex fonts as they can be difficult to read and may discourage recruiters from reading your CV in full.

The aim of your profile is to draw the reader in by summarising all of your skills and knowledge in a few punchy sentences that leaves them wanting to read more.You can include anything that will be relevant from IT skills and industry knowledge, to education results and achievements.Just make sure they are important to the roles you are applying for by checking with relevant job adverts.To keep your CV looking professional, it’s best to stick to black text on a white background for the body of your sections.It’s OK to add a splash of colour to headings when applying to modern trendy firms (like tech startups for example) but don’t go crazy and ensure it still looks professional.

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Your Profile (or Personal Statement as it is often referred to in academic fields) is the very first thing a recruiter or hiring manager will read, so you need to ensure that it is packed with the requirements that your target employers are looking for.

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