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The planet is well-known for having been destroyed by Vilgax Petrosapiens are crystalline beings whose bodies are formed entirely out of opaque gemstones and whose rock-hard physiologies make them all virtually invulnerable to physical attack.

Nomadic tribes ruled by bloodthirsty warlords ceaselessly roam the landscape, seeking out relics of Khoros' past glory, all in hopes of rediscovering the secrets that will gain them advantage over their enemies.While these feral creatures mostly hunt in packs, it is a lone wolf beast that often proves to be the most savage of all.Loboans have natural strength, speed, agility, and heightened senses that make them the top predator on Luna Lobo.Grey Matter's DNA was sampled from a Galvan, a species consisting of small, incredibly intelligent frog-like beings from Galvan Prime.Despite its diminutive scale, Galvan Prime is one of the most scientifically advanced worlds in the galaxy.

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But the Transylians rebelled against the Vladats, and using superior technology that they had developed in secret, they hunted all Vladats on Anur Transyl into extinction and became the dominant species on Anur Transyl.

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